Advanced Mobile Marketing

Why Mobile Marketing

    • Use Text Messaging to Drive Local Business
    • Use Beacon Campaigns for In-Store Specials
    • Create Text-To Mult-Channel Campaigns
    • Use QR Codes with Multi-Channel Campaigns
    • Conduct E-Commerce through Mobile
    • Use Location for Offers, Promotions, and Discounts
    • Create a VIP Mobile Loyalty Program
    • Mobile Ads for Audience Building, Leads, and Sales
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What Is Mobile Marketing

According to the Mobile Marketing Association, the definition of Mobile Marketing is as follows;

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Mobile Marketing is a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through and with any mobile device or network.

The crux of the new definition lies in two parts of its taxonomy:

  1. The “set of practices” includes “activities, institutions, processes, industry players, standards, advertising and media, direct response, promotions, relationship management, CRM, customer services, loyalty, social marketing, and all the many faces and facets of marketing.”
  2. To “engage” means to “start relationships, acquire, generate activity, stimulate social interaction with the organization and community members, [and] be present at the time of consumers expressed need.” Furthermore, engagement can be initiated by the consumer (“Pull” in the form of a click or response) or by the marketer (“Push”).

With that said, and unbeknownst to many, Mobile Marketing and the opportunities it offers marketers and companies go far beyond simply running mobile direct response ads.

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Many companies are confused by the differences between mobile marketing and mobile advertising; aren’t they the same thing? And the simple answer is yes, and no.

If a company’s mobile campaigns focused exclusively on paid channels, that would represent mobile marketing for that company; however, that would also be limiting mobile marketing to its simplest form.

That said, in its truest sense, Mobile Marketing is the process of engaging customers through the 4Ps of the marketing mix, building customer databases, and developing an ongoing relationship with them with marketing they find valuable. Direct response paid channels should only represent a portion of the channels used.

Types of Mobile Initiatives

    • Mobile and Print Media
    • Mobile and Television
    • Mobile and Billboards
    • Mobile Organic Search
    • Mobile Applications
    • Mobile Loyalty Programs
    • Mobile and Email Marketing
    • Location-Based Mobile Marketing
    • Comprehensive Multi-Channel Campaigns
    • Mobile Website Marketing
    • Mobile and Radio
    • Mobile Advertising
    • Text and Multi-Media Marketing
    • QR Codes and Mobile
    • Proximity Mobile Marketing
    • Mobile and Social
    • E-Commerce through Mobile
    • Mobile Offers, Promotions, and Discounts

Mobile’s Role in Marketing

According to “We Are Social” and “Hootsuite,” more than half the world owns a smartphone, and over half of all web traffic is mobile. Not only so, but Google also shifted their organic search results to a mobile-first model, meaning companies that are mobile optimized have a better chance of ranking on Google Search, and again signaling the importance of mobile.

The bottom line, there are too many people using mobile devices these days not to include them in your marketing mix. It is no longer a luxury. Not engaging in mobile is simply leaving major opportunities on the table.

That said, how should mobile be used in the marketing mix?

Although there are a few exceptions, mobile marketing, for the most part, works best as a complementary tactic within current campaigns. Think of where mobile might fit in as a touchpoint and work it into your digital strategies, and you’ll reap the returns of adding mobile to your plans.

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How’s Your Mobile Marketing Going?

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