aFe Power Case Study - David Meck

Advanced FLOW Engineering (aFe Power) is a new American aftermarket parts industry player.

The company specializes in producing high-performance components for a variety of vehicles, including trucks, cars, and off-road vehicles. Their goal is to provide hand-built vehicle-specific products of superior quality at unbeatable prices.

aFe Power signed up as a PPC client at Brandastic, and I was their account manager. They asked me to build a profitable online advertising program to improve their brand and increase their sales, which they had been struggling with.

After reviewing their previous campaigns and business environment, I realized that the issue was not with their campaigns and optimization work

but with the competition at the bottom of the sales funnel. To overcome the challenge, I suggested building audiences first, nurturing them with cool calls-to-action, and then presenting hot calls-to-action. With this concept in mind, I got to work.

The Solution

    • Build brand awareness and vehicle-specific remarketing audiences for aFe’s most popular vehicles using inexpensive vehicle-specific video campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.
    • Use vehicle-specific remarketing audiences for email listing building offering discounts and a chance to win $500 in vehicle-specific credit in monthly drawings in exchange for signing up to an aFe VIP email list.
    • Use vehicle-specific remarketing audiences for Facebook/Instagram conversion advertising using carousel ads highlighting the best-selling products for each vehicle.

Advertising Process Model

When dealing with a multi-funnel campaign, I often find it helpful to create process models. This helps to bring clarity around how the campaign will work and what needs to be built. Below is the model that I created and presented to aFe Power.

We started with awareness video campaigns that used broad targeting to build vehicle-specific audience segments.

From there, we retargeted these people with an email list-building campaign offering them the opportunity to sign up for aFe Power’s vehicle-specific VIP email marketing list and the opportunity to participate in the monthly no-obligation raffles for their vehicle with a chance to win money and parts.

This campaign fed the email lists for each vehicle and did so for free due to sales generated by the campaign.

Once people signed up for the email list, they were provided a link to aFe Power’s site to view the most popular products for their vehicle.

At the same time, we used these same audiences to retarget people with carousel ads.

The Results

Brand Awareness and Audience Building

Using Facebook Video awareness ads, 25,028 people were added to the various vehicle-specific audiences for only .01 cents each, for a total spend of $271.84.

Email List Building Campaign

Utilizing vehicle-specific retargeting audiences, we strategically built email lists at a cost-effective rate of $2.38 per individual via Facebook lead ads.

The campaign was highly successful, with an impressive 1017% Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

The campaign achieved this by encouraging individuals to explore the range of vehicle components available on aFe Power’s website after submitting their information.

This not only allowed us to turn a profit but also helped us build email marketing audiences for free.

Carousel Ads

We used audience segmentations specific to each vehicle to create carousel ads showcasing aFe Power’s top-selling products. This strategic approach resulted in an impressive return on advertising spend of 9834%.

30-Day Testing Results

The advertising campaign demonstrated remarkable performance over a 30-day period, with an astonishing 1901% return on ad spend.

This exceptional result provides incontrovertible evidence of the campaign’s success.

As a consequence, aFe Power implements this approach across all of its top-performing vehicles.

2020 Business of the Year

In 2020, aFe Power’s outstanding performance led to the company being awarded the prestigious title of Business of the Year by the Corona, CA Chamber of Commerce. This success was largely made possible by the results they achieved with the campaign I created for them.