Meathead Movers is a highly reputable moving company that offers its services to clients throughout the western region of the United States.

The company has gained recognition for its remarkable proficiency in managing a wide array of moves, including long-distance, local, and corporate relocations, and is the preferred choice for individuals and businesses alike.

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Meathead Movers successfully kept its business operating.

However, as with everyone, the company faced several challenges with its paid media campaigns and needed guidance on how to move forward.

As their Brandastic Paid Media Account Manager, I recognized the opportunity to provide the

company with a comprehensive plan for overcoming the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic on advertisers. After presenting a comprehensive plan to the company’s owners, they were impressed and approved it.

 The Plan

    • Build a new page on the site that explained all COVID-19 precautions Meathead Movers was taking to put the public at ease and to show Google that we were taking every possible precaution
    • Place a Banner advertising Covid-19 precautions at the top of every page on the site that leads to the new Covid-19 page
    • Update all Google Ads copy highlighting COVID-19 precautions and submit the ads to Google’s approval process, and work with Google to get the ads approved
    • Optimize ads budget by using a profit bidding strategy instead of CPA bidding strategy, achieved by binding Meatheads CMS and Google Ads data and restructuring the account to allow for ROAS bidding on a lead gen campaign.

Overcoming Google Ads COVID-19 Ad Disapprovals

At the beginning of the pandemic, Google implemented stringent advertising policies regarding COVID-19 and declined all advertisements that referred to the crisis to prevent businesses from taking advantage of the situation.

Despite requesting guidance from Google, they could not provide any information regarding the approval process.

At the same time, I was aware that being the first company allowed to mention COVID-19 protocols in their ads would provide a significant advantage, and this was the objective of the plan I presented.

Based on my extensive collaboration with Google and deep insights into their strategic thinking patterns, I was confident that my suggestions were in line with Google’s direction and would expedite the approval process for ads related to COVID-19 or, at the very least, provide a strong foundation for negotiations.

Once the account was rebuilt and everything was prepared, the ads were submitted for review, and we all waited anxiously for Google’s response. Would they approve of our work, or would it be a challenging process?

10 minutes later, without speaking to Google’s policy team, the ads became eligible one by one. We were off to the races and were the first to have ads highlighting COVID precautions in markets where Meathead operates in.

The Results

Over the next 6 months, despite Covid-19 Meathead movers saw a 30.58% increase in conversion volume and a 43% increase in their conversion rates.

The Profit Bidding Strategy

Meathead noticed that their profit margins were not aligning with the CPA performance on Google Ads. To address this issue, I rebuilt their Google Ads account from scratch.

The new build involved creating a dataset that combined Meathead’s performance data with Google Ads’ performance data. From this dataset, I calculated per-goal values for each area.

Working with one of our programmers and Google Tag Manager, we then set conversions for each area that included these per-goal values to enable ROAS, profit-oriented bidding on lead gen campaigns.

The results were impressive, especially considering the Covid restrictions at the time. The new build along with being one of the first to be allowed to highlight COVID-19 precautions in our ads, drove up profit margins significantly while also increasing overall performance.