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Pro Cold Traffic Strategies

The goal - create a steady flow of interest and recall; and, to discover targeting!

Pro Cold Traffic Strategies


Over ten years of digital marketing experience! Trained under some of the best-known names in digital marketing including Avinash Kaushik, Bryan Eisenberg, Brad Geddes, Matt Bailey, Jennifer Cario, Todd Malicoat, and others. Certified in all areas of Digital Marketing, and recently updated. Experience at, and working with, one of the highest rated digital marketing agencies in the world.

Understanding what works online and what doesn't has always been my quest and after many years it is clear - digital marketing should match the way your audience uses the internet, i.e., provide them with what they want, in the way that they want it, in the place that they want it, at the time that they want it.

In digital marketing terms - comprehensive qualitative, quantitative, multi-level, multi-channel, digital marketing using a measurement model that can easily provide attribution measurements based on economic value, and profit-oriented KPIs.

This approach to digital marketing is not simple, which is why ample opportunity for new leadership abounds. Many companies are lazy when it comes to their Analytics and KPIs, settling for efficiency over profit, i.e., money left on the table. The time for new leadership is now!

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