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Master Digital  Marketing Specialist & Paid Media Expert

Greetings, I am David Meck, an accomplished Digital Marketer with an unyielding dedication to the mastery of online marketing success, for which I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

In 2010, driven by a relentless determination to acquire an extensive understanding of strategic digital marketing, I embarked on a mission to transform myself into a valuable asset who consistently delivers.

Fast forward to today, and I proudly hold over 50 certifications in various areas, including branding, product marketing, growth marketing, paid media, SEO, CRO, analytics, social media, email marketing, marketing strategy, content marketing  and more, and my latest certs in Google Ads AI and GA4. 

Throughout my professional progression, I assumed numerous roles, including SEO Manager, Sr. Paid Media Manager, Sr. Digital Strategist, Director of Digital Strategy, Vice President of Digital Strategy, and Head of Paid Media. Each position was a growth opportunity, allowing me to enrich my marketing expertise. Additionally, I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with some of the industry’s brightest minds, further enhancing my knowledge.

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David is a fantastic Paid Media Expert and Digital Marketing Strategist with years of hands-on experience. David is a person who leaves no stone unturned and dedicates himself to digital marketing excellence and client success in every way, and on every platform a business owner and client could profit on. Having more certifications and digital marketing knowledge than any human should, David has helped us create some of the most creative builds for clients that I have ever seen, which has resulted in great success for their accounts. If you are looking for a complete and competent digital marketing professional who knows the ins-and-outs of online marketing and Paid Media, I can’t recommend David enough. David is truly a master.” View On LInkedIn

Justin Nassie - Former Manager

President/CEO, Brandastic Marketing Agency

David’s passion for marketing surpasses any that I have seen in my 20 years of online sales. He is driven to create the best plan and strategy first before marketing dollars are spent. He is very insightful, detailed and willing to take as much time as needed to educate his clients. He helped put our company in a position to compete and thrive through paid marketing. I truly value our relationship. View On LinkedIn

Clint Lawrence - Former Client

Founder of Motorcycle Shippers &,

I worked with David for almost two years when I managed the e-commerce division of my previous company. We were recommended to work with Ignite through their successful case studies in digital marketing, but had no idea how successful our digital campaigns would become until we worked with David. David is a great guy to work with not only because of his expertise in the field, but also for his passion, kindness, and willingness to walk you through all the nuances of digital marketing. He is results driven and delivers consistently upon his promises. We saw massive growth and increases to our sales when working with David. I would highly recommend working with David! View On LinkedIn

Erica Gibson Sanchez - Former Client

Creative Director, MullenLowe U.S.

I worked closely with David while he went through a number of courses here at Market Motive. What I’ve found over the semesters and years following David’s work is that he is, in a word, tenacious. His thirst for knowledge is obvious, and his attention to detail with regards to his work in the courses is palpable. Any company that works with David will realize quickly how dedicated he will be. I suspect strongly that a manager will never be concerned about the effort his employee is putting into his work, and I would not be surprised that at the end of the day David is the first one in the office, and the last one to leave. View On LinkedIn

Scott Milrad - Former VP of Education at Market Motive

Content Manager, Business Skills, LinkedIn

Years of Experience

Marketing Certifications



  • SEO Manager
  • Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Director of Digital Strategy
  • Sr. Paid Media Manager
  • VP of Digital Strategy
  • Head of Paid Media
  • Director of Marketing & Implementation
  • Sr. Digital Marketing Strategist

Latest Certifications

  • Google Ads Search Professional
  • Google Video Professional
  • Google AI Performance Ads
  • Positioning and Company Story
  • Google Analytics GA4
  • Brand Marketing
  • Product Positioning
  • View All Certifications On LinkedIn

Hiring Recommendations

  • Justin Nassie – President/CEO Brandastic – Previous Manager
  • Jimena Cortez – VP of Product Partnership Consumer Direct Inc. – Previous Manager
  • Susan Gonzalez  – Former VP of Marketing Tenant Inc. – Previous Manager
  • Scott Milrad – Content Manager at LinkedIn – Former VP of Students
  • Clint Lawrence – Founder of Motorcycle Shippers – Former Client
  • Alan Bush – VP of Strategy at Ignite Visibility

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