Goal Oriented Social Media Marketing

Advanced Social Media Marketing

    • Build Community
    • Ignite Campaign Sharing
    • Test and Expand Campaign Ideas
    • Drive Traffic to Your Site
    • Monitor and Listen to Conversations
    • Increase Competitive Displacement
    • Manage Your Reputation
    • Engage Influencers and Evangelist
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Why You Need Social Media Marketing

Social Media has become a part of billions of people’s daily lives. It has fundamentally changed how information is shared and received and how business is conducted online.

Social Media provides people with the freedom to engage how they want, where they want, when they want, and share their opinions, opinions that could work for or against a business.

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That said, and since the conversations are happening, businesses need to engage and be a part of those conversations, especially if market leadership is a goal.

People trust businesses that they engage with on Social Media. Combined with the fact that conversations are already happening, makes social media an essential part of online marketing plans.

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Social Media Success

Successful Social Media marketing starts with setting a goal, i.e., understanding what you want to accomplish? What your desired outcome is?

From there, it’s about getting people to share while staying on your goal. To do that, you have to move people emotionally.

WestJet’s Christmas Miracle campaign is a perfect example of successful social media marketing. They got 50 million views and over 1/4 million shares, and sales skyrocketed. The campaign wowed people and created a powerful perception of cool for the airline! A marvelous example of doing it right!

You may not be able to go to the extent that WestJet did, but you get the idea. Social media marketing isn’t just about putting up random content regularly and hoping to get traction. It’s about a plan and then moving people into action by moving them emotionally.

Social Media Home Base

There are many benefits that a business can gain through social media marketing, but ultimately all efforts need to result in profitable actions for your business. With this goal in mind, a company should have a Social Media Home Base for which most, if not all, social efforts lead.

Having a Social Media Home Base then affords a company the ability to pass consumers back to their site through multiple supportive channels. In this way, a company can use social media channels as traffic generation sources over just engagement and communication platforms; and build links for SEO purposes.

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Which Social Media Channels

Identifying the social media channels a company should focus on is a challenge for many companies. A share-of-voice analysis, which shows where the conversations are happening, and most active, is the best solution.

By looking at the infrared sauna market’s sample image below, can you identify where companies should focus their efforts and how they could adjust?

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Social media channels are different. Facebook is a social network. Instagram is an image and video sharing app. YouTube a video site. Twitter a microblog. LinkedIn a business networking site.

Social sites being different require different marketing approaches. Understands which platforms to target then allows a company to optimize their social efforts and maximize their returns.

Successful Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing, when done correctly, can be a powerful way to ignite serious activity around a brand, but it’s more than just putting together posts or promoting content. It takes a strategy that moves people into action.

Success Social Media Marketing Includes;

    • Building a Social Media Strategy
    • Social Media Convergence
    • Content Marketing on Social
    • Sparking Social Media Sharing
    • Viral Social Media
    • Using Storytelling and Concreteness
    • Influencer Marketing
    • Reputation Management
    • Paid Social
    • Social Media Selling
    • Social Media Analytics
    • Popular Sites
      • Facebook/Instagram/What’s App
      • YouTube
      • LinkedIn
      • Pinterest
      • Snapchat
      • Twitter

All audiences are out on social media. Understanding that and understanding when, where, and how to reach them makes the difference between remarkable social media marketing and marketing that no one gets excited about or will give a budget. Be the company with practical and hopefully exciting social media marketing, and watch your profits grow!