Growth Marketing the Missing Link

Advantages of Growth Marketing

  • Focuses on the Entire Funnel
  • Drives Growth Across the Business
  • Driven by Goal Oriented Experimentation
  • Maximizes the Use of Marketing Resources
  • Based on the Lean Startup Methodology
  • Fastest way to Discover what Customers Want
  • Growth Based on Focused Learning not Chance
  • Works with All Business Types
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Why Growth Marketing

Many levers can affect growth, and identifying and adjusting the levers to maximize returns is what Growth Marketing is all about. Growth marketing is a defined framework for optimization that focuses on the different stages of the customer journey to discover what works and what does not as fast as possible.

Growth marketing involves data analysis, creative thinking, corporate collaboration, low-cost testing and optimization, and commitment to the methodology. You don’t go all-in with growth marketing until you prove that doing so will produce, which is one of the differences between a growth methodology and other growth frameworks. With growth marketing, there is no room for chance. Instead of failure, growth marketing emphasizes learning.

There are seven main areas of a growth marketing focuses on;

    1. The North Star Metric
    2. The Fundamental Growth Equation
    3. Acquisition Testing & Optimization
    4. Activating those You Acquire
    5. Retaining Activations
    6. Increasing Revenue
    7. Evangelist and Referrals
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Due to the systematic nature of growth marketing, any business can benefit, which is why the approach is used by all the most successful companies, including Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, Salesforce, Uber, Lyft, etc.

The Must-Have

What growth marketing won’t do is solve business problems. To achieve success, a company must be a “must-have” with the market, and creating a “must-have” with the market is, in many cases, the first thing a Growth Master will focus on.

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A growth marketing strategy is driven by goals that are agreed on and scheduled from the beginning. This strategy is very methodical, and it is always completed within the scheduled timeframe. For instance, if you design a plan at the beginning of the quarter and schedule its completion by the end, it will be completed, and the best part, growth is compounded over time, which is why they call it, growth marketing!

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Can Your Company Benefit from Growth Marketing

Get a Free Consultation, and let’s take a look!

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Why Work with David?

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