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Why These Certifications

With 42 certifications and 11 years as a digital marketer, I’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to succeed and what a digital marketing school needs to teach its students to ensure their success. Here, you will find the best career-enhancing certifications on the market ranging from department leadership, brand building, product marketing, analytics, CRO, growth marketing, Google Ads, social media, and highly focuses specialization courses. You can even learn how to start your own agency.

There’s no better school out there for learning digital marketing and keeping up with trends. I guarantee it as I’m not only recommending the school, I’m a student too.

3 All-You-Can-Learn Pricing Models

    • 1-Month – $289 / mo
    • 3-Month – $528 paid quarterly ($176.33 / mo)
    • 12-Months – $1499.04 paid annually ($124.92 / mo)

Why This School

  • Taught by the top 1% of Digital Marketing Global Leaders
  • Certifications are in demand and recognized globally
  • You’ll know how to do the job upon completion
  • You can attend all the courses you want for one price
  • 90+ courses to choose from
  • Thousands of Digital Marketing Playbooks
  • Exclusive Marketing Community
  • Personal Plans and Team Discount Plans

Recommended and used by Google, Cisco, HP Enterprises, The Home Depot, Quicken Loans,  IKEA, Hilton, Gartner, Symantec, Progressive

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Major Digital Marketing Certifications

Brand Marketing Certification

Brand Fundamentals


Learn how to create a brand that effortlessly attracts customers.

Brand Success


Learn how to differentiate your company from the crowd to avoid commoditization, price erosion, and "me too" messaging.

Radical Differentiation

- Brand Strategy (3) Brand Marketing - Messaging - Product Messaging - Storytelling - Digital Psychology & Behavioral Design Training - Integrated Public Relations and SEO (4) Build Your Tribe - Audience Building - Organic Social Media - Community Building - Community Strategy