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C0nversion Rate Optimization

Professional Conversion Rate Optimization Are you looking to achieve higher conversion rates and feel that conversion rate optimization, or CRO, is the way to go about it?

Yes, CRO can do this for you, but it’s not just about better conversion rates? Lower your prices, and you will see conversion rates rise,  but what about your bottom line?

Why does your site exist online in the first place? What does success mean for you? And, what does your audience love?

If CRO doesn’t address these questions, then what’s the point of it, and why would you invest marketing dollars into it?

Great CRO is About Better Marketing Not Conversion Rates

Amazon's Impressive Growth RateGreat CRO is about better marketing. It’s about developing a better understanding of your audience that shows you how to give them what they need to feel comfortable enough to provide you with their business.

In other words, great CRO is about better communication through a developed understanding, which results in audience gratitude, whether conscious or subconscious, which in return, results in growth to your bottom line.

As Jeff Bezos who now owns more than 45% of all e-commerce online said at the beginning, “we don’t sell books to people. Instead, we help people buy books.” That, in a nutshell, is CRO.

What Do All the Best Companies Have in Common?

They have discovered what their audience needs and wants are, and give them to them in the highest most accurate way possible. In other words, they don’t just listen, they hear, and then test what they hear for accuracy.

In other words, they love the people they want to do business with and show it by providing them with the best most fantastic buying experience possible at all cost, they serve the audience above themselves!

Great CRO is Marketing’s Secret Weapon

CRO Secret WeaponGreat CRO is marketings secret weapon, one that competitors who aren’t engaged, will expect, or easily overcome!

How so…?

As you run your CRO programs, you will gather valuable audience intelligence and be building your audience playbook. A secret playbook that no one else has. A playbook that shows you in every respect how to best love your audience and love is a powerful thing!

As competitors attempt to retaliate, shooting from the hip mostly, they blow their budget on hope, but never a real threat because they don’t know what you know. And, in many cases, help you get more business with their dollars because people check multiple sites and yours, due to CRO, is tuned to meet the demand they create, in the best way possible.

Amazon has been building their playbook since day one, they know their audience, and although Walmart and others are trying, they don’t have Amazon’s playbook, and haven’t even come close to slowing Amazon down.

Amazon is still heavily involved in CRO, and I will predict right here, that no one will challenge them, i.e., they are unchallengeable!

Google owns search! Amazon owns e-commerce, and it’s due to CRO!

What Is A Comprehensive CRO Program?

A comprehensive CRO program will start with these three questions:

  1. Who is our audience?
  2. What do we want them to do?
  3. What do they need from us, so they will feel comfortable enough to do what we want them to do?

A comprehensive CRO program always strives to answer these questions, and, results in your secret audience playbook.

CRO It is not just an analytics review or fixing problems with the site. Also, if no hypotheses are written with true or false answers to test, you are not engaged with a CRO program.

Bottom line, if you aren’t building your audience understanding, your audience playbook, you aren’t involved in CRO. You’re most likely involved in Analytics.

A comprehensive CRO program dives deep into who your audience is as people.

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