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CRO Advantages

    • Spend Less and Dominate Competitors
    • Elevate the Caliber of Your Business
    • Maximize Returns on Your Advertising
    • Optimize and Accelerate your Successes
    • Maximize Value Per Visitor to Your Site
    • Find Out What Works and What Doesn’t
    • Build Rapport with Your Audience that Pays
    • Build a Playbook that Leads to Market Leadership

The Truth About CRO

The truth about conversion rate optimization (CRO) is this; it’s not so much about better conversion rates as it is about better business results.

For example, say a popular e-commerce store dropped prices by 75%, and conversion rates soar. At the same time, their sales revenue plummets, which is a poor business result.

In a nutshell, effective CRO results in better business results, and if it doesn’t, it’s not effective CRO.

CRO – A Secret Competitive Weapon

CRO is a secret weapon for companies that choose to use it. Through CRO, a company learns to minimize costs, reduce risk, maximize profits, and maximize growth.

CRO also enables a company to build a strategic playbook describing what works and what doesn’t, which can be used for future initiatives, and to simplify comprehensive multi-channel campaigns.

A solid CRO program is a competitive advantage for companies that takes it seriously. It will continue to gain popularity as marketing silos are maxed out and holistic digital strategies take center stage.

The Uses of CRO

All parts of a company can benefit from CRO. All it takes is a KPI you want to optimize for and a testing strategy.

Common areas of CRO include;

    • E-Commerce Site
    • Product Pages
    • Checkout Process
    • Linear & Non-Linear Sales Funnels
    • Landing Pages
    • Revenue Per Visitor
    • Social Pages
    • Website Template
    • Website Copy & Content
    • High-Bounce Pages
    • Marketing Tactics & Campaigns
    • Buying Persona Profiles
    • Channel Usage
    • Any Business Process

The Keys to Successful CRO Initiatives

In the end, it all boils down to a belief in the process of testing and a commitment to continual improvements as it takes time. Understand it’s not so much about big change all at once as it is many little changes that compound over time, which over time add up to large gains for your business. Just ask Jeff Bezos of Amazon. He owes his monumental success to CRO.

How’s Your CRO Program Going?

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