C-Direct’s Funnel Report

A Digital Marketing Experiment

C-Direct built its business on traditional B2B marketing, selling a SaaS program to companies and people who wanted to get into credit repair, and they have been very successful.

Riding that success, they decided to experiment with BtoC digital marketing. For this purpose, they developed a second website with a different URL and Skin that uses the same SaaS backend as their other sites.

When I arrived, their digital marketing programs were driving traffic, but this traffic wasn’t converting into profit. Following a proper analytics setup and data collection period, I created the below reports to see what the data was saying about the problem. Take a look and see if you agree with my assessment.

Note that Users entered the signup funnel off a button click for a Free-Trial.

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Key Take-Aways

  • All channels feed into the same signup funnel off a button click for a Free-Trial
  • The signup funnel is fed at world-class conversion rate levels
  • BtoC customer LTV was very low
    • C-Direct does not use User-Centric-Marketing, which is why LTV is low
  • Paid CPA was higher than LTV due to high conversion rate losses in the signup funnel
  • C-Direct has a locked signup funnel; however, I.T. can’t make changes to it due to a lack of programming resources needed to address the PID system that their business partners rely on to get paid

In light of the above, C-Direct decided to discontinue its BtoC digital marketing efforts to continue its BtoB traditional marketing efforts, until which time I.T. has the resources to create a separate signup funnel to use with their BtoC digital marketing, which is over a year out.