Advanced Email Marketing

Email Marketing Profit

    • Build Strong Customer Relationships
    • Generate High Return on Investment
    • Designing the Perfect Email and Landing Page
    • List Building and New Customer Acquisition
    • Welcome Series Emails
    • CRO and Text Optimization
    • Developing Your Brand Voice
    • Video Integration
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The Effectiveness of Email Marketing

Email marketing is the gold standard for marketing and brand communications as everyone used it. 77% of all consumers prefer permission-based email promotions over all other digital marketing channels. If done correctly, it can quickly become your #1 ROI channel.

What it is not, however, is a spray-and-pray event, which is the practice that has given it a bad name. Instead, it takes audience segmentation and personalization to be successful. The more segmented and personalized your campaigns are, the more relevant they will be and the better they will perform.

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Email and Facebook Ads

Salesforce did a study that showed that people were 77% more likely to open an email when they saw Facebook Ads that supported the email campaign. When done correctly, running Facebook ads with your email marketing can make be a great way to supercharge your campaigns without spending much.

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Other Social Channels

Other social media channels could include;

    • Instagram
    • LinkedIn
    • Pinterest
    • YouTube
    • Twitter

Whatever site your audience is on is an excellent place to run supporting ads for your email campaigns. The key is to ensure that your ads and your email work together in unison.

Enhance Your Marketing with Email

Marketing with Email should be a part of your overall marketing mix instead of just a stand-alone channel. It should fit into and strengthen your entire marketing system.

When used correctly, those who receive your messages will welcome them and, at the same time, come to trust you more. The key is to send the right message, to the right person, at the right time. Do that and you’ll have a winner!

Email Marketing Automation

Advanced email automation is all about looking at the entire customer life cycle and asking yourself what parts you want to address within that cycle. From there, creating the content for those parts and then automating the entire process.

It is through this type of marketing that you can really take your systems to the next level. The challenge that most companies face is, how to roll something like this out?

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The best way to get started is to build into a few isolated conversions and then expand. Otherwise, it probably won’t work as email automation is complex. In other words, build on your successes but start small out the door. Identify your objectives, create your scenarios, create your rules, and your off to the races.

A couple of platforms for advanced email automation include ActiveCampaign and Hubspot.

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How’s Your Email Marketing Doing?

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