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The Dream Team: Web Analytics & CRO

Combining Analytics with CROWeb Analytics and CRO go hand in hand, and together, form the Dream Team of digital marketing!

Building the analytics measurement model is as crucial to successful CRO, as are the CRO strategies themselves, and the two need to work together in every way if you want to achieve the maximum results possible!

Even the best CROs will struggle to move past certain thresholds without a good analytics measurement model due to a lack of marketing transparency into traffic temperature, and the economic value channels and tactics provide; transparency, that is needed to guide the marketing mix, and budget distribution.

CRO will not fix system problems, but system problems can limit how successful your CRO program will be.

Analytics is Your Map

Analytics is the map that guides your way. CRO is the tunning of the persuasive systems on the map that maximizes success.

If you do not understand how to read the map, i.e., interpret the data in a way that is instantly useful, timely, relevant, and that also helps you know economic value within your mix, then no CRO program will maximize your success.

Yes, CRO can produce better results, but without an analytics framework, it won’t maximize your success!

Limited Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing SuccessI’ve seen many companies running their digital marketing programs without a digital marketing measurement model, and this is a crime against digital marketing as it dramatically limits success.

Yes, success is achieved using this approach, but what you’ll notice within this approach, is a lot of estimates, or better put, guestimates.

What you’ll hear is, according to this report, or according to that report. What you won’t hear is, according to the data!

Analytics is great for identifying problems and picking off the low hanging fruit, this is 100% true, and I know people that are masters at this; however, without a measurement model, the analytics implementation is a few cans short of a six-pack, and growth will always be limited!

Optimize the System & Pieces

Analytics optimizes the system. CRO optimizes the pieces of the system.

Without a tuned digital marketing system, CRO can only take a company so far, which is why so many companies have tried CRO programs and not see the incredible lift that they were hoping for when they invested in the program.

System Digital Marketing

It’s all about multi-channel, multi-level, qualitative-quantitative digital marketing that measures macro and micro goals and the value that they produce.

When the system is tuned, then CRO can maximize success.

For example, CRO will be hard pressed to turn a cold traffic channel into a hot traffic channel.

In other words, to run conversion strategies in a cold traffic channel, in the hope that CRO can transform that channel into a hot traffic channel, is probably wishful thinking. It could work, but it’s more than likely wishful thinking.

Proper distribution of your marketing strategy using a qualitative-quantitative approach is where you’ll find the massive success you are looking for. CRO cannot cure system problems.

Paid TrafficWhat About Paid Channels

Even in paid channels, if traffic temperature isn’t understood, and the tactics within the channel, and the value that those tactics are producing, is not understood, then a potential system problem exists, and CRO isn’t going to fix that type of problem.

The only exception I can think of is where a channel is converting well like Paid Search, which is a known hot traffic source, CRO can create a significant impact in these areas, and should be in play.

At the same time, if you don’t know the real economic value that the channel is producing when compared to other channels, how will you know how to optimize your mix and budget?

You won’t, and it is possible to be investing too much money on a paid channel, and not enough money on channels that may be producing more economic value for your business, and this weakens your marketing power!

The measurement model helps you identify your best-producing channels and does so with traffic temperature in mind, as well as guides your mix and strengthens your budget performance!

Analytics is needed to bring the deeper understandings that are required, because without the more in-depth knowledge into what is going on, the chances of balancing your digital marketing mix and budget in the best possible way, are limited, and this will limit CRO results.

Great CRO Programs

Great CRO programs are the result of a marriage between an excellent analytics measurement model that identifies the business objective, the goals, the KPIs, the tactics, the segments and the targets that provides transparency into the marketing mix and budget distribution and provides CRO with the best environment possible to produce the exciting results that CRO programs can produce!

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