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The Company

Meathead Movers is a moving company that operates in the western United States. They handle all types of moves from long distance to across town and corporate moves. They also sell moving supplies.

Desired Outcome

Fortunately, Meathead Movers was not shut down by Covid-19; however, they were unsure how to operate in the new business environment and asked Brandastic for recommendations.  I was the manager of this account, and with that goal in mind, I made the following recommendations.

The Solution

    • Build a new page on the site that explained all Covid-19 precautions Meathead Movers was taking
    • Place a Banner advertising Covid-19 precautions at the top of every page on the site that leads to the new Covid-19 page
    • Update all Google Ads copy highlighting Covid-19 precautions and be the first to get approved
    • Discontinued Google Ads experiments in new areas and re-direct advertising spend into areas with the highest conversion rates and the total number of conversions

Covid Related Ad Approval

At the beginning of the Pandemic, Google released Covid-19 advertising policies and disapproved most ads that mentioned anything to do with Covid to keep companies from capitalizing on the situation. I spoke to them and they had zero advice as to how to go about getting approved.

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Having worked with Google for many years and understanding how they think, I was confident that the recommendation I made would be the direction Google would head in and help us get the new ads approved quickly; or give us a leg to stand on in negotiations.

Once everything was ready to go, the ads were submitted for review, and every one, on the edge of our seats, waited to see what Google would do. Would Google like what we did and approve the ads, or would it be an uphill battle?

10-minutes later, without the need to speak to Google, one-by-one, the ads were approved, and we were off to the races, and first to have ads that highlighted Covid precautions, which for a moving company, was a pretty big deal.

The Results

Meathead Movers saw an increase in conversion of 30.58% and a 43% increase in conversion rate over the next 6 months despite Covid-19.

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Year-Over-Year Results

A silver lining of the Covid Google Ads campaign initiative was the year-over-year results. Conversion YOY same time frame was up 2.04% despite Covid, which was a great surprise.

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The campaign did so well that Meathead Movers had to slow things down to give themselves time to find employees to handle all the jobs that were coming in, which is a great problem to have! The campaign is still going strong today!