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CRO Frameworks

Types of CRO Frameworks

There are four main CRO Frameworks, all having their own strengths and weaknesses, which are;

    • Lift Framework
      • An awesome framework that is easier to use and provides great insight and guidance
      • Focuses on Value, Relevance, Clarity, Urgency, Anxiety, and Distractions
      • Does not consider the effect of the persona profile on conversions
    • MECLabs Framework
      • Heuristic analysis using a proprietary formula – C = 4m + 3v + 2(i-f) – 2a
      • Difficult framework to truly master
      • Left up to the interpretation of the formula
    • RelishCRO Framework
      • A more comprehensive framework similar to the Lift framework
      • Focuses on Relatedness, Expression, Leading the Pack, Interpersonal Connection, Seeing the Facts, and Hope for the Future
      • More difficult to use than Lift but produces similar results
    • Persuasion Architecture by Bryan and Jeff Eisenberg
      • An outstanding framework that is next-level once other frameworks have been exhausted
      • Focuses on Relevance, Value, CTAs, and Buyer Persona Profiles
      • Can produce the best results once the Buyer Persona Profiles are accurately identified

Out of the four frameworks, my favorite is Persuasion Architecture due to its ability to optimize experience based on who the visitors to the site are, which takes much of the guesswork out of the process. It allows for very impactful testing and massive gain potential.

At the same time, Persuasion Architecture does require buying persona profiles to be effective, which can be challenging out the door. That said, I believe the LIFT framework is best for initial analysis and getting a CRO program off the ground and Persuasion Architecture for taking things to the next level.

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